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Therapy for children and young people

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I am pleased to offer therapy to young people from the age of 7 years.


Young people's early stage of development means that they are in a period of discovery. Their sense of self and autonomy is evolving and they are learning to navigate relationships with both family and peers. They are juggling expectations from a growing number of contexts. As people starting out in life, they do not yet have a strong sense of their identity in the world or the security of knowing how their future will pan out. As well as being an exciting time, this can sometimes feel anxiety provoking.

I offer a confidential space for the young person to express safely their emotions and ideas, to think together to help understand troublesome feelings and situations, to identify their areas of strength and to work on some practical solutions. Alongside treatment for specific difficulties a key aim with young people is to help them build resilience to future stressors and to foster self-worth and social agility.  

With the young person’s agreement and if appropriate I may communicate with or hold occasional joint sessions with parents and carers, teachers or other key people to ensure optimal outcomes. 

For your peace of mind I hold an enhanced DBS check certificate for both children and adults  

Examples of issues treated:

  • Developing identity, self-esteem, self-confidence

  • Navigating relationships with family and friends

  • Peer pressure, coping with difference, bullying and fitting in  

  • Perfectionism and fear of failure, study anxiety

  • Adaptation to stress, coping with others' expectations, young carer stress

  • Response to trauma, family break-up, bereavement and loss

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Developing autonomy and shaping one’s own experience 

  • Low mood  

  • Frustration, anger, the expression and regulation of emotion

    Unhelpful coping strategies including:

  • self-harm,

  • eating disorders,

  • obsessive and addictive behaviours

  • substance misuse.

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