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Employee Assistance

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Improved productivity, reduced sickness absence, flourishing company!

I work with managers, staff teams and individuals to help meet psychological needs in the workplace.

Research shows that people who are content at work are more productive.  Having been recruited they choose to remain longer with the organisation and their goodwill towards the company promotes a positive and more loyal atmosphere. This improves resilience and reduces rates of ill-health and sickness absence, resulting in a win-win for all. 


Healthy structures and policies that result in staff feeling valued and motivated will optimise the functioning of the organisation.Timely support for individuals when they suffer life's inevitable ups and downs can enable problems to be 'nipped in the bud' to provide early relief and recovery

 I can help by offering

  • Consultancy to HR departments to assist strategic planning of the shape of the workforce

  • A service to Directors and Occupational Health departments offering:


  • Psychological health assessments and recommendations for employees

  • Interventions to improve working relationships

  • Psychological therapy with individual staff members 

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