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Therapy and what to expect

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Confidential and safe

Please see the descriptions of difficulties for which people – both adults and young people - seek my help. They describe some ways we may experience distress, normally in response to recent or longer-term events and circumstances, which have overwhelmed our usual ways of coping. Each person brings their unique experience and life story. The task of therapy is to enable you to make sense of what has happened to lead to the current situation, to process the emotional pain associated with this and to learn some new ways of handling these problems which will provide lifelong skills for the future.



What to expect

Our work is confidential and would not be shared with anyone except at your request. My primary duty of care to you is to keep you safe, therefore on the rare occasion that there were a risk of harm to yourself or others I would have to inform someone to  seek  appropriate help (such as your GP or health professional).

It is sometimes helpful to share care or communicate with other health care providers and at your request I would be happy to liaise  (e.g. with your GP, neurologist, psychiatrist, school or local authority).  



When you contact me we will arrange a brief consultation about your needs. We may arrange an initial assessment session, normally within a week. By the end of our first session I will  have an indication of the approximate number of sessions we may require based upon your needs.  There may be work to do between sessions in order to make optimal progress. Each session is for 50 minutes and I would need 48 hours' notice of any cancellation in order to waive the fee. Fees are accepted by bank transfer, cash or cheque.

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