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Medico-Legal services

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High quality, effective and timely reports

Since 1990 I have been providing high quality, effective and timely independent reports and statements for the Courts in Personal Injury and Medical Negligence cases. These may be as Party Appointed Expert (PAE) or Single Joint Expert (SJE) under instructions from the representatives of either the claimant or the defendant.


My reports are fully compliant with the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Directions for Expert Witnesses. I am experienced in giving oral evidence in court and I understand the relevant law and procedures in undertaking the role of Expert in civil proceedings.

Assessments of the psychological effects of:

  • medical negligence

  • industrial and workplace injury,

  • road traffic accidents,

  • disability, pain and disfigurement,


Assessments of:

  • cognitive functioning - intellectual capacity 

  • mental capacity

  • mental health.

Covid-19 arrangements - Safe and effective

Please continue to send your instructions and documents for review by email, CD and post. During the current pandemic I am prioritising the safety of our clients by offering sessions remotely by *Zoom, *Skype, *WhatsApp, *FaceTime and *telephone. Client feedback is positive and these methods cut out the distraction and inconvenience of PPE and travel.  

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