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My Approach  

Client-centred, practical and compassionate


My non-judgmental and compassionate approach provides my client, be they a young person or adult, with a safe space in which to learn and grow.  We develop a trusting therapeutic relationship and collaborate to gain a sound understanding of the causes contributing to the development of your difficulties.

You bring your expertise about your past and the current situation and I use my psychological knowledge and skills to help you feel hopeful about change, to maximise your resilience, to develop understanding, clarify your aims and to help you heal emotional pain. We will use practical strategies to help you achieve your goals and there is often work to do between sessions to enhance progress. 

Clinical Psychologists have created and developed a range of effective models and methods, testing their usefulness with rigorous studies. My own research contribution over the years has been in understanding psychosis and developing cognitive-behavioural therapy to assist recovery. I have shared my findings, methods and ideas with colleagues in workshops, conferences and peer-reviewed journals.


In therapy I use my experience to integrate a rich tapestry of theoretical approaches and therapeutic methods of proven effectiveness, to bring to your unique situation. Some of the therapeutic models which influence my practice include attachment theory, psychodynamic understanding, systemic practice, narrative therapy, CBT, EMDR, compassion focused therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, behavioural methods, relaxation, mindfulness, DBT and emotion regulation. 

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